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Here at Monster Equipment our team of experts understands the challenges our clients face when scouring the market for top quality, commercial pre-owned trucks and other industrial equipment. That's why we make finding the best available machinery that not only fits your industrial needs, but also works with your existing budget our top priority. As a preferred commercial truck and equipment dealer, the industry specialists at Monster Equipment have the skills, experience and commitment to customer service excellence needed to help you find exactly what you're looking for on a wide range of industrial pre-owned trucks and equipment for sale. Select by industry or by truck style on our Truck Listing PageIf we don't have your desired vehicle in stock, we will find it for you using our extensive network of highly qualified and reputable industry connections at the best price possible.

Here at Monster Equipment, we pride ourselves on offering our customers a customized selling solution. We team with you throughout the selling and buying process to not only ensure that you receive the used trucks and equipment you're looking for, but also receive optimal customer service throughout your professional partnership with us. Ready to experience the Monster Equipment difference for yourself?

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Looking to move unwanted bucket trucks, cranes or trailers without the hassle of nonstop interruptions through the day? Here at Monster Equipment we accept consignments on site or off site.  We will deal with the advertisement expenses, paperwork and sales calls so you can work without interruption.  To get started or learn more just click on Sell Your Equipment tab at the top for more information.

 Contact us at (941) 377-7225 and connect directly with one of our industry experts today!


Extended Warranties Available                                       Click Here for Covered Components and Pricing 

With an NTP Warranty you can protect yourself from costly repairs to help keep your fleet trucks on the road. Some plans include 12 month roadside assistance low deductibles and larger coverage caps.  Please review the covered components page by clicking on the American Truck Protection logo on the left for covered components or contact one of our sales professionals for more information. "Only available for 9 year or newer trucks"



2018 increases to $1,000,000 for 2018 and beyond. The limit on equipment purchases likewise has increased to $2.5 million!



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